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How to Help

1. DONATE TO UTAH UKRAINIAN ASSOCIATION. 100% of the funds go toward critical defense and humanitarian projects in Ukraine.

UUA charitable work


The events are announced on this website and through our facebook page. Please also help us spread awareness and raise additional support by sharing these events with your networks.


Get in touch with us via facebook or email - we will be happy to hear your fundraising ideas and help in any way we can! We would love it if you would select Utah Ukrainian Association as your beneficiary, but we are also happy to suggest other organizations we have thoroughly vetted. If you decide to put together an event benefiting UUA, we will be happy to help:
- Spread the word
- Provide an event-specific QR code for your flyers, and a post-event report of the funds raised
- Find volunteers for the event if needed
- Provide Ukrainian souveniers for sale if needed
- Help find Ukrainian performers if needed
- If you need assistance or advice with anything else, we'll help as much as we can, or help you find the right resources :)


Please fill out our volunteer form and mention any specific areas of interest or skills you would like to offer and your availability. We will be in touch!


Since the start of the full-scale Russian invasion, we have collected and delivered close to 1000 boxes of supplies to Ukraine! We work with Lifting Hands International and Caritas Mostyska to deliver humanitarian aid. You can drop off donations at LHI warehouse, 920 E State St, American Fork, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Mon-Fri. For more information, click here. Please note that they can always use volunteers to package and label the boxes, including writing Ukrainian labels on them. Please consider helping out with this task, this really helps the volunteers at the border!


Ukraine Action Summit Report

Come and join us next Saturday the 10th of June , from 11am-1pm for the report from Ukraine Auction summit at the Salt Lake City public library.


Utah Ukrainian Association Humanitarian Activity

humanitarian activity

The following items have been donated by the amazing community in Utah during our March-April donation drive.

They have been collected, moved, sorted, packed, labeled and inventorized by UUA volunteers with generous help from Lifting Hands International. Lion Energy has kindly provided a warehouse space, and helped palletize the boxes and repalletize them again when the cargo requirements changed. Our friends from Big Ocean Women included their donations into the shipment as well, collecting some really critical tactical defense gear.

The items were shipped to Europe, and from there to the Polish-Ukrainian border. During May-early June, our partners at Caritas have helped distribute these donations to Bucha, Brovary, Kyiv, Zaporizhzhia, Kharkiv, Chuhuiv, Azov, Dnipro and Donetsk region, among other places.:

Tactical gear: police vests: 60
Tactical gear: knee pads: 158
Tactical gear: helmets: 20
Tactical gear: plate carriers: 7
Tactical gear: walkie talkies: 121
Medical supplies: syringes/needles: 2319
Medical supplies: tourniquets: 1242
Medical supplies: cold compress: 746
Medical supplies: sanitary strips, dressings: 505
Medical supplies: first aid kits: 330
Medical supplies: IV supplies: 87
Medical supplies: gauze: 3009
Medical supplies: pain relief/medicine: 1011
Medical supplies: disinfecting wipes: 48
Medical supplies: misc: 4365
Emergency supplies: energy thermal blankets: 250
Bedding: sleeping bags: 79
Bedding: blankets: 163
Food items: canned foods: 1688
Food items: dry foods: 1013
Food items: snack boxes/snacks: 1995
Baby items: baby food/formula: 875
Baby items: pedialyte: 254
Clothing: socks: 1076
Clothing: misc: 161
Misc: power banks: 41
...and other misc items in these categories

Community Wellness

community wellness

The Refugee and Immigrant Center run by the Asian Association has a long history of quality behavioral health services for the International community in Utah. Individual therapy, medication management and other services are available for individuals in the Utah Ukrainian community, including those who do not have insurance.

These services are available for those experiencing increased stress, depression, worry, having difficulty sleeping or other related problems due to the war in Ukraine. These services are also available for those who may be here visiting family or friends and cannot now return home. Services are available in person and via telehealth. If services are needed in a language other than English, professional interpreters will be provided.

Call 801-467-6060 or go to http://aau-slc.org/ or 155 South 300 West, Ste. 101, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84101 to set up services today.

Petition for Refugees

ukrainian refugees

Dear Utahns, we need your help collecting 100,000 signatures for this petition. The migration of Ukrainian refugees has prompted swift international and regional responses, but such momentum is unlikely to sustain itself. Some world entities are already calling the refugee situation a ‘humanitarian crisis.’

We ask that the U.S. government waive U.S. visa requirements and/or grant refugee status to the Ukrainian nationals. The U.S. government and its constituents can save and shape many Ukrainian lives, which are now being abruptly and senselessly destroyed due to the unprovoked invasion of their country. Every day matters, so please act now!

Drone DJI Mavik 3T


We raised $5,880 to buy this much needed drone DJI Mavik 3T for the frontlines.

Thank you to all who continue to donate to our cause.
With all your help, Ukraine will defeat Russia! drone2

UUA contributes $10,000
for an Anti-Drone System
for Ukrainian Defenders

drone jammer

Thanks to all the donors and event participants who helped us collect these funds!

Utah Ukrainian Association has collaborated with a Ukrainian nonprofit, Svit Razom, to help purchase a "Drone Jammer - KVS Antidrone G-6."

This is an effective item in fighting drones approaching the protected area by suppressing drone controlled and navigation channels, which leads to neutralization and landing of the intruder. Drone Jammer Project
To learn more about the project please check out Svit Razom's Program Page

Run for Ukraine Raised $17,000

run for ukraine partners

UUA expresses sincere gratitute to 180 runners, dozens of volunteers and silent auction participants, and all the amazing community partners who made this event such a great success.

Thank you Jonathan Freedman and the Ukrainian Honorary Consulate, the Ukrainian national curling team, Pure Storage, Rocky Mountain Power, Sabrina Neilson, and to the wonderful Ukrainian performers whose songs were so touching! Thank you to all volunteers who helped prep and run the event of this scale, who knocked on many doors and helped secure 30+ sponsors for the silent auction. To all organizations and individuals who responded to our request for help and contributed so generously. To runners who came to participate from all over, including Park City, Ogden and Provo.

Our hearts are filled with gratitude and we are so proud to be part of this community. Let's keep the momentum going and with the help of its American friends, Ukraine will defend its land, freedom, and the democratic values it's fighting for. Слава Україні! And thank you so much, Utah!

We had lots of interest in the race T-shirts. We are currently out but you can request additional ones here.

Photos from the event can be found here. The website has a cool feature, allowing you to search by bib number, give it a try! :) Thank you Robin Pendergrast and Cezaryna Dzawala!

Drone footage is available here, many thanks to Chris Beckner!

We also love this video by one of the awesome participants!

Music for Peace Raised $5,327

music for peace

UUA is extremely thankful to Jonathan Lysenko, Mark Earnshaw, the Vision band and the Choral Arts Society of Utah for putting together a concert in support of Ukraine in Centerville. The organizers decorated the entire Founder's Park in Ukrainian and American flags, and the choir sang the beautiful prayer for Ukraine by Ukrainian composer Mykola Lysenko. The classic rock tribute band Vision has kindly donated their time and talent to the cause.

Frequently Asked Questions

UUA logo

What is the most effective way to help with the war efforts right now? Please call your representatives and write to them, asking to provide additional fighter jets and air defense systems to Ukraine. UUA is also accepting donations and sending supplies to Ukraine. Financial donations are most helpful. They allow us to purchase supplies in bulk, and cover the most immediate needs based on requests of our partners in Ukraine. They also allow us to buy supplies in Europe that may not be easily shipped from the US.

What will my donation go to? 100% of your donations go to buy life-saving tactical gear such as bulletproof vests; to charitable organizations that we have found to be effective and transparent, to hospitals, to civilian populations in the most heavily bombed cities, and to internally displaced persons in Ukraine who had to flee the bombings.

How do I know my donations will arrive in Ukraine successfully? UUA has been regularly shipping humanitarian supplies to Ukraine since 2015. We have delivered several shipments successfully since the start of the full-scale Russian invasion. We work with established organizations on the ground in Europe and Ukraine to make sure your donations reach the areas with the most dire need. We provide photo reports of each step of the process.

I am a Ukrainian already in Utah but don't have a permanent residency or citizenship. What are my options? You may qualify for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) or Extension of Stay. Please reach out via email or our Facebook page, and we will connect you with an attorney.

Can my Ukrainian loved ones come to Utah as refugees? On April 21 President Biden announced Uniting for Ukraine, a new streamlined process to welcome Ukrainians fleeing Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The details of this program can be found here.

What resources are available for Ukrainians who arrive to Utah?
We recommend the following organizations:
- International Rescue Committee in Salt Lake City,
- Catholic Community Services of Utah,
- Department of Workforce Services
- Save Somebuddy

Utah Ukrainian Resource Guide

Click to open PDF file.

I would like to sponsor a Ukrainian family to come under Uniting for Ukraine program. Where do I start? Please start by filling out form I-134 and following other steps outlined here.

Where can I buy a Ukrainian flag in Utah? We recommend Colonial Flag, 9390 S 300 W, Sandy, UT 84070.

I want to go fight for Ukraine. How do I go about it? We do not recommend it for anyone without prior military experience. If you have military training and experience, and are able and willing to fight for Ukraine, this Military Times article outlines the process.

I want to volunteer my time and skills. How can I help? Please fill out our volunteer form and mention any specific areas of interest or skills you would like to offer and your availability. We'll get back with you.

How else can I help? Please attend our events, help spread the word, or run your own fundraiser and we will be happy to partner with you. We need to keep as much focus on Ukraine as possible, and keep consistent pressure on the governments of the world to help stop this senseless war.

Amazon Smile

amazon smile

If you shop on Amazon, please consider using Amazon Smile and choosing Utah Ukrainian Association as your charity. This will cost you nothing, and every time you shop, Amazon will donate a percentage to the charity.
It is a simple way to help and only takes a couple of minutes to set up. Again, this will not cost you a cent, all donations are done by Amazon, not by you.
And, Amazon could give back a little more to the world, right ?

How to set up Amazon Smile:

First, on your computer go to Amazon On your first visit, you are prompted to set up your charity.

If you have set up a charity before and would like to change it, visit your dashboard Change Charity and click Change Charity.
Search for Utah Ukrainian Association

If you shop on your phone, here are the instructions on how to turn on Amazon Smaile in the mobile app: Mobile Amazon Link

From here on, every time you shop on your computer, go to "https://smile.amazon.com" and not "https://amazon.com/". You will see exactly the same products, same prices, etc. The links are identical in every way. The only difference is that with the "smile" link, a donation will be made on you behalf by Amazon every single time you shop.

If you shop on your mobile app, the "smile" version of the app will automaically be used after the initial setup.
Please do not miss out on this great opportunity to help Ukraine at no cost to you. Thank you !

O'Shucks Live Band Fundraiser
in Park City Generated $765


UUA is extremely thankful to Dominik Jamrich, Utah Commission on Service and Volunteerism, and O'Shucks in Park City for putting together a live music event benefiting Ukraine. Thank you to the musicians who participated, and to all the Summit County residents and guests who attended and showed your support.

Virasat 5K and Baishakhi (Kite Flying) Event Raised $1,000


UUA is extremely thankful to Virasat and Vandana Sharma for organizing a fundraiser to help Ukrainian women and children affected by the war. Virasat focuses on volunteerism and celebrating Indian culture and heritage in Utah. They group raised the funds with the help of a 5K run combined with a beautiful kite flying event.

$10,000 in Aid Sent To Ukraine

ukraine shipment

We thank Utah for your generous donations in February. On a very short notice, you responded to our call for help and ensured quick action during this humanitarian crisis. Our volunteers were able to collect donations, purchase and pack supplies, and ship them with support of the government. Ukrainians are very grateful for your help in this complicated for their nation time.

  1. Air Drones: 8
  2. Walkie Talkies: 6x2
  3. Military Aid Kits: 57
  4. First Aid Kits: 105+
  5. Survival Blankets: 10
  6. Sleeping Bags: 20+
  7. Water Fill Filtration Systems: 10
  8. Pain Relief: 200+ packs
  9. Cold Therapy: 100+ packs
  10. Wound care/Bleed Stop/Triple Antibiotic/Rolled Gauze: 800+
  11. Other medical supplies

St. Patrick's Day Gift

irish friends

Utah Ukrainian Association expresses sincere gratitude to our friends at Utah's Hibernian Society. On St. Patrick's Day they have donated $3,017 to UUA toward its efforts of sending aid to Ukraine. They also encouraged others to share in this act of kindness in the spirit of St. Patrick and make a donation to the association.

 About Us

Utah Ukrainian Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that addresses various humanitarian needs in Ukraine with the help of Utah community. The group consists of volunteers who support Ukraine. We always welcome and appreciate help from everyone with Ukrainian roots, connections, or anyone with interest in Ukraine.

Founded in 2015, the association has been organizing aid shipments to children's homes, women's shelters, and families of fallen soldiers. UUA has put up 5K races, silent auctions, and community events celebrating Ukrainian culture and heritage.

With the start of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022, the association has been focusing on amplifying Ukrainian voices, organizing community rallies and fundraisers, and sending aid to address critical humanitarian needs in Ukraine.

The main goals of Utah Ukrainian Association are:

  1. Help establish peace in Ukraine
  2. Provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine
  3. Bring awareness about Ukraine to the people of Utah and broader international community
  4. Unite the Utah-Ukrainian community
  5. Organize Ukrainian themed cultural and educational events
The volunteers at Utah Ukrainian Association welcome collaboration with other organizations and volunteers around the world to achieve these goals.

utah ukrainians